The Progressive Corporation Annual Report 2013
Client: Nesnadny + Schwartz
Creative Director: Michelle Moehler
Designers: Michelle Moehler | Keith Pishnery

"To illustrate the evolving nature of our business, we chose “eras” as the theme for this year’s annual report. Iconic photographer Lee Friedlander has been photographing the American social landscape for over six decades. In that time, he has shown us a look at the road ahead while keeping an eye on the rearview mirror—an appropriate parallel to our business strategy. A selection of Friedlander’s photographs will join Progressive’s growing collection of contemporary art."

To further demonstrate the idea of looking forward and back, we employed backwards type and a mirrored page to drive the viewer to the back cover and flip the book around halfway through. A reticulating varnish on the cover gave it a subtle roadway texture and our overall design took cues from the bold and block look of American industry.

Complete 2014 Annual Report PDF

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