The Progressive Corporation Annual Report 2013
Client: Nesnadny + Schwartz
Creative Director: Mark Schwartz
Designers: Michelle Moehler | Keith Pishnery

In December 2013, Progressive welcomed the Swiss artist Felice Varini to its corporate headquarters. Stepping into the precise point of view from which Varini conceived the painting, a beautiful pattern of hollowed discs magically appears. The pattern appears to the viewer’s eyes like a transparent overlay of color, as if it’s hanging in the air above a highly trafficked cafeteria area. This engagement between the viewer, the space, and the painting is central to Varini’s work.

However, when viewed outside of the artist's original eyeline, a different story is told. From almost all angles, abstract shapes sporadically cover the space. The pattern folds and twists on the space’s ceiling, beams, and windows, creating a unique engagement with the environment.Viewers have the experience of walking up to the painting and then through it, outside of it and behind it. Varini is as interested in what happens outside the point of view as much as the “engaged” view.

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