Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts
Publisher: Foxtrot Games
Producer/Art Director: Randy Hoyt
Game Designer/Art Director: Jason D. Kingsley
Illustrator: Beth Sobel
Graphic Designer: Keith Pishnery

One of my main hobbies is playing board games with friends and family. It took me a few years to realize that board and card games are a wonderful source of intelligent graphic design. They are filled with pure communication challenges and solving those is exciting because you can see the direct impact of graphic design on the player(s).

When Randy Hoyt of Foxtrot Games contacted me to work on a card game with him, I was ecstatic. That particular game will show up in the coming months, but Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts was an expansion that came out in 2016 for the popular Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. It adds new items, cards, tokens, and wooden pavilions. The wooden pavilions were a particular highlight of working on a tabletop game such as this.

Iterating on Jason D. Kingsley's original wonderful graphic design was an instructive way to see how he solved particular communication problems. It allowed me to remix certain aspects to come up with all-new card components that relayed special powers not in the original game.

Graphic design for tabletop games is a new adventure for me and I look forward to working with all the great publishers and game designers out there.